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Our LiveTrac “Live Web Views” enable users to see what’s happening anywhere else in the world RIGHT NOW. You no longer have to catch a plane to visit your job site. Depending on your needs, LiveTrac offers streaming views, remote-controlled views, and fixed views. Here’s how they break down:

Streaming Views (DEMO):
Allow any visitor to your site to see moving video from your location of choice, or from any of our existing public streams.

Remote-Controlled Views (DEMO):
Also known as “telepresence,” these amazing views come equipped with on-screen controls that enable you to move the live view up and down, left and right, or zoom in and out.

Fixed Views (DEMO):
For the budget-minded consumer who simply wants a live view, but doesn’t require motion or remote-controls.

The districts also argue that they are unable to meet the needs of their students, especially those schools in medium-size and large districts that tend to have disproportionately high numbers of minority and special education students